What is Paydex Score?

According to Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), the Paydex score is “D&B’s unique dollar-weighted numerical indicator of how a firm paid its bills over the past year, based on trade experiences reported to D&B by various vendors“. The Paydex Score ranges from 0 to 100, with 90-100 as excellent scores; 80 and below as good; and […]

Equifax Small Business Credit Report

Small businesses need to have accurate and reliable information on a daily basis, and this not only pertains to their business, but also to their credit information. In today’s challenging economy, it is very important for a business owner to be able to determine the creditworthiness of a business partner, clients and even their own […]

How to Read a Business Credit Report?

Business credit reports can provide vital information, so it is best to learn how to read them to get the best information needed when making decisions. Generally speaking, individual companies that provide credit reporting services do not have the exact same formats, but the most important information is always available. Business Identification The first part […]

Small Business Credit Report

What exactly is a small business credit report, and how can it affect your business? Read through and get some insights into this potentially useful tool. 1 A Mark of Trustworthiness The first and primary use of a credit report is to establish a person’s trustworthiness in the context of business transactions. A business credit […]

Ways to Improve Your Business Credit Score

In the financial world, your business credit score, often referred to as Paydex, is the basis for everything. This is a reflection of the efficiency of the company’s internal process, its buying power and also its reputation in the eyes of creditors or lenders. In a time like when there is a global financial crisis, […]

How to Build Your Paydex Score?

A stable standing in the side of Paydex score is necessary in order to make use of the financial benefits that are offered by most of the lenders. If you have established, this will enable you to get financial assistance from the lender with much reduced interest rates. The re-payment can be made in installment.  This […]